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Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, we ask you to support The Refugee Center in welcoming newcomers to the CU community. We’ve recently experienced an exciting change: we are now an Affiliate Refugee Resettlement Agency under the United States Council of Catholic Bishops. This means that we’ll be welcoming a larger number of refugee newcomers who don’t necessarily have any existing ties to the community. This fiscal year, we plan to welcome 85 refugees from all over the world!

To support these newcomers, we are asking you to help us furnish the homes of refugee arrivals by fulfilling the items in our Amazon Wishlist. The Refugee Center is required to provide a very specific and extensive list of home supplies and furniture, yet each refugee arrival is allotted a resettlement stipend of just $1,325 per family member to cover all living costs during their first 90 days. If we were forced to buy all of these supplies for each arrival, the money would not be enough to cover just the cost of their home supplies, much less rent, utilities, and other life expenses. With the gift of pots and pans or a set of sheets, you will not only provide refugee arrivals with essential home supplies, but you will also allow refugees arriving in our area more housing security and more agency in choosing how their small amount of allotted resettlement funds can best support their new life in our community.

If you are interested in donating used home supplies, please contact to discuss your donation.

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